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Friday, June 16, 2006

Red Friday

You can never say blog isn't well red.

(Yeah, OK, that was a bit off. But give me a break - it's the end of a long cold week!)
Now this wouldn't be a true blue Aussie blog if I didn't reserve my first photo spot for a box of iconic Redheads matches.And speaking of small and beautifully designed, here are the very first miniature Jacobsen pieces I ever saw: a red swan sofa and blue swan chair which I discovered (with great excitement which caused a frenzy of utter wanting and drooling) at the Restaurant Jacobsen in Klampenborg, Copenhagen.

Suffice to say after an international search involving three languages (one of which I don't speak - well, I call it "dollshouse Swedish" - ie: enough to manage to buy stuff of Swedish eBay) I have my own set of these. And more. If you ask really really nicely I'll post pictures.And speaking of Scandinavian design, you might be shocked to hear I actually own a doona (duvet) cover that is not only not black and white but in fact is very very colourful: my rip off Marimekko Unikko cover. And as an added bonus a picture of Nibbs (who hasn't been spotted on this blog for quite some time) wearing his red collar. And looking cute.(Trying desperately here to find a link between the last picture and this one)

Ummmm...... I took this picture in Talin, Estonia which is sort of next door (geddit?) to Finland, where Marimekko comes from. (Phew!)The locals were very colourfulAs were these other vases I photographed at The Art Gallery of New South Wales. Lovely hot pinks and reds and yellows.And finally (you'll be pleased to hear, I'm sure) here are some hot chillis I found on a fruit and vegetable stall on the road down to Positano on The Amalfi Coast in Italy. At least I think it was Positano...

(Listening suggestions? Some classics:
Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter, U2's Under a Blood Red Sky or Split Enz's single I See Red)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blue Thursday

Blue is... the colour of my extremities if I spend too much time in the kitchen in the morning (with it getting down to -5 degrees celsius (23 degrees farenheit) outside the inside temperature isn't much warmer. I used to have a kitchen clock which told the temperature as well. And it it somehow more depressing to know it is 2 degrees in the kitchen than just generally think "gosh, its a bit nippy this morning." I was very happy when it broke.)Blue is...One of the gargoyles at The Chamber nightclub on board Explorer of the Seas. I love gargoyles. Can't explain why. Have one sitting halfway up my stairs. Not as big as this fella, obviously... Blue is... Joe's T shirt in this photo taken at Pompeii
Blue is... The ice show on the ship. Can I have that top when you don't want it any more?
Blue is... The sky in Atlantic City
Blue is... Very Gehry
Blue is... Sometimes termed "art" (taken at The NSW Art Gallery) Blue is... a striking way to paint a shop on Carnaby Street
And finally blue is... a very nice contrast with white...

(Suggested soundtrack: Oh, the choices! Maybe some Blue Six, anything released by Blue Note Records, Jennifer Warnes' Famous Blue Raincoat, Andy Bell's Electric Blue or, if you're in a silly mood, Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Black/ Gray Wednesday

Black and gray.... What can I say? I feel like all I need to do is poke my camera out my bedroom window and the photographic task will be done. But that's pretty boring, right? So instead here're some much more interesting pics:I took this at the Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand and then played with it using Ofoto (now Kodak Gallery)'s options. I think it was the first time I'd used them (way before I discovered I somehow had Photoshop Elements on my laptop) and I was so pleased with the result I have a copy of this framed and an my bedroom wall (see bottom picture here). I have no idea who the person in the photo is but I like the way the angle of her leg mimics the angles of the window struts. This was a snap I took of the floor in the attic of Gaudi's Casa Batllo in Barcelona. What I found particularly interesting was this building was built at the turn of last century and yet the tiles are more what we'd consider 1960s or 70s. I doubt very much the tiles are a later addition as they surely would have ripped them out when renovating the attic for display? No matter, I still love them and think they'd look pretty cool in my (imaginary future) kitchen if I ever change my mind about my other two choices: black and white check lino or terrazo.
Here's another picture I ended up framing - a spot of grafitti I stumbled across in Venice, Italy. I think it's hilarious that even the grafitti in Italy is stylish!
More recently, these are the front steps at Mies Van Der Rohe's Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USAAnd the view from my wine glass!A gift from a colleague at work who visited CanadaAnd finally a close up of the box I use to keep my burner oils and candles in. Note the multitude of mes!

(Best thing to listen to while looking at these? Black's
Wonderful Life, of course!)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brown Tuesday

Am I allowed to go with the whole Here's one I prepared earlier route? Excellent!

(OK OK I'm completely ignoring the one photo edict. One?! You've got to be kidding (unless you're on dial up) )Casa Batllo, Barcelona, SpainSt Paul de Vence, FranceFlorence, Italy Pompeii, Italy New York, USA Barcelona, Spain Chifley, ACT, Australia New York, USA Barcelona, Spain

(Listening: I'd love to say Golden Brown by The Strangers cause it would work so well with today's theme but I actually don't own it on CD and besides it's too early in the morning to be playing music)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Colo(u)r Week: White Monday

I need a blog project and Little Birds' Color Week seems to be just the ticket - not too long, or complicated and the list of colours isn't too daunting for a monochromaticist like me (was that another word I made up?)

Of course, being a public holiday today I sort of lost track of the fact it is Monday until a couple of minutes ago. So here are three photos of white around my house...
And a couple of older pictures from outside of my house:Guggenheim Museum, New York Casa Batllo, Barcelona

(Listening to: White Spaces featuring Jim Kerr, Don't you forget about me)