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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is it just me...

...or does that metal bit at the top of Te Papa look like the rail you get in cafeterias to slide your tray along? I always imagine a giant using it and plucking humans out to add to his lunch tray....

Monday, August 28, 2006

How to spend a rainy Saturday in Wellington, NZ.

1. Have breakfast on the beach at The Maranui Life Saving Club cafe. Don't forget to join if you're not already a member!
2. Admire the view out the windows while sipping your Havana coffee.
3. Continue on to a couple of op shops, stopping to check out the artwork in the window...
...and the wonders inside.
4. Decide you need to escape the weather so head to The Paramount Theatre to see 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous while sipping a glass of wine. (Gotta support the local movie industry. They don't call it Wellywood for nothing, you know...)
5. Walk back to the car via Schoc chocolataire and espresso bar...
... where you spend a happy half hour testing the samples and trying to decide if you'd prefer to buy the 100% cocoa chocolate, the lemon white chocolate or the toasted sesame seed chocolate.
Go home, eat pasta, drink wine and pack while surfing the three (or is it four?) music channels on the TV.

Empty suitcase...

I've been home less than 16 hours and am heading to the airport in around 12 hours to fly to Sydney to start 4 days training for my new job. So it's been a busy day with unpacking, washing stuff I need to pack again this evening, picking up the mountain of mail from the Post Office (boy, were they glad to see me!) and sorting out the few things that can't wait til Saturday for my attention.

And speaking of attention, a certain furry creature has been wanting a lot of it. I don't think he's going to be very happy with me when I disappear again in the morning...

("Yeah, yeah" I hear you screaming at me "What about that 40 kilos of luggage?") Well, it's unpacked (see $3 suitcase above) The house looks like a hurricane has struck it and will stay looking like that until the weekend.

Here's a sneak peek at my frugalled treasures. Total cost, including the suitcase: around $90. (Listening to: Off the cuff: a compilation of New Zealand artists)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gained a bit of weight on this trup...

No not me (although that is a distinct possibility with the amount of wonderfully delicious food and drink I've been scarfing down - including one final banana smoothie at the airport (thanks K for the idea)).

My baggage. It kept growing like topsy. Luckily I stumbled across a beautiful vintage suitcase at the Strathmore op shop for a whopping $3. It's now very very full. As is my original suitcase. And my emergency bag I always bring just in case. I'm starting to think I might have to join Apron Thrift Girl's
$99 Thrift Challenge after all.

But what do you expect when you manage to squeeze in 30 second hand, op and junque shops in 6 days? The Shopping Sherpa has been a busy wee bee and has hatched some wild and crazy plans which may be shared if and when they come to fruition.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be at Sydney airport international arrivals baggage carousel area late this afternoon and spot a passing parade of buzz bars, milk bottle lollies, chocolate fish and mysterious parcels wrapped in bubblewrap on the conveyor belt - don't panic, you've not stumbled into some modern day version of
Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game, it's just the catches and luggage straps on my vintage suitcase didn't hold up.

Pictures soon, I promise (assuming my 40 kilos of luggage doesn't ground the Sydney - Canberra leg of my journey!)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whiskey, wontons and weather

Och aye, t'was a wee Glenfiddich tasting. With bagpipes. And haggis on toast (not that I tried that), crayfish in filo (didn't try that either) and little pikelets with smoked salmon and caviar. And a jazz band (not at the same time as the bagpipes, you'll be pleased to hear)

And just when I thought it was all over and it was time to go home the doors to the room next door were opened and we were piped in to our tables where we found six glasses at each place containing different ages of Glenfiddich from 12 years to 40 years. There was a presentation from some cute chap from the factory who had the most delicious French/ Scottish accent(bugger the whiskey, I could just drink that in all night),a wee film and then we were guided through the drinking of the various glasses.

Then when it was finally and really over (we knew it was cause we'd had coffee and shortbread) Nick, Tracy and I decided the only fitting end to the evening was a little bite to eat at Chow Wellington. Where we got as table right down the front by the band (Wellington Heads) and I had another round of blue cheese wontons. Bliss!
Some time over night it started raining. And raining. And raining. I dreamt of arks and waterfalls and was sure the house was going to float off down the hill, through the Karori tunnel and out to sea. But it appears we're still here (and it's still raining). Tracy wants to go out. I'm scared I'll melt. I'm not used to rain.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Frugalled my little heart out...

I've been so frugal this week I'm now broke.

Not really, but I've lost count of the number of op shops and junque shops I've visited and the goodies I have found. And I believe there are more to come on Saturday. Ah, the joys of staying with a friend who loves op shopping as much as I do...

I'd share photos but a) most of my "treasures" are wrapped in bubble wrap and safely stowed in the cardboard box which became necessary when I ran out room in my (rather small) suitcase and b) although my new holiday accommodation in Karori has provided me with an computer upgrade from the dial up connection at Chateau Fiasco (the parental palace in Petone) to broadband and one of those sexy all in one Macs, I don't know how to upload photos here.

Today is a rest day on The Shopping Sherpa tour of Wellington. I have the house to myself (apart from one dog and two cats) and the only thing I need to do is get myself down into town for a Whisky Tasting at 5:30pm. I think I'll take a gentle wander down to the local op shop to see if they have a very cheap and very large suitcase I can buy then across to the supermarket for supplies of Snifters, Buzz Bars, chocolate fush and BEE cleaning products to take home.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A fulfilling experience

My parents may think I come to New Zealand to see them. My friends believe I come to see them. The owners of The Shish Mahal may be under the deluded impression they're the reason. But this is the real reason - my dentist who I've had since I was 17.

I'm grumpy with him this year. He says I have to have a filling. But I suppose one small filling every 10 years is acceptable, right?

(No, I didn't load the photo upside down, this is a real life view from the chair)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes we have some bananas...

I do love New Zealand...*

(* For those of you outside Australasia, there was a hurricane in Queensland earlier this year which pretty much wiped out the banana crop. This meant the only bananas in the shops were not only grey looking but to add insult to injury, priced at fifteen dollar a kilo. This morning I ate the first banana I've had in over 4 months - and Mum bought them for $1.87 a kilo!)