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The Winter 2013 range

Hi there, and thank you for visiting my nascent 'for sale' page. I created this page because I always seem to have many excuses for why creating an Etsy shop isn't a priority yet :-/

Please be aware that:
  • this page is less than a week old, and so therefore very much a work in progress
  • my currency is Australian dollars. For an idea of what that is in your local currency, I recommend (please bear in mind that currency fluctuates often so what you end up paying may be a little different.)
  • I work full time and occasionally need to sprawl on my sofa watching brainless videos, clutching a glass of wine and going 'Wubba, wubba, wubba'. I try to get back to you within 24 hours of you emailing me but sometimes life (or my cat) gets in the way.
  • it's winter here. The light is horrible. I'm using existing photos of my range until I stumble across a nice sunny day, where I happen to be at home, and have the time to do a photoshoot.

If you have any other questions*, please email me. (Unless you're a spammer or a bot. In which case, bugger off)

FAQs (which I made up myself)

Q: Will you post to me in..... [Insert your location here]
A: Yes! I'll post to you wherever you are in the world (assuming, of course, there is a postal service to where you are!) Until I have postage costs included here please email me for details...

Q: But I want a different [colour, size, scale]. Will you consider it?
A: Yes! I'll talk to you about custom orders. All my pieces are in 1/12 scale but I'd be happy to consider other scales and custom sizes/ colours as you suggest, depending on my schedule.

Q: I need two/three/four (or more of [insert item here]. Can you help?
A: Probably! I have multiples of most things but there's a possibility that hat you're after has been very popular. Ask me about specific items and I'll let you know. With the rugs and pouffes I'm often using wool or yarn that I have limited amounts of but usually I'll have enough to knit you up one if I'm out of stock. Be warned: this could take a wee while, but I'll give you an estimation when you email.

Q: I'm really broke but will die if I don't get to own your [insert item here]. Will you consider a swap?
A: Yes! I'll consider a swap in exchange for my items. 

Q: So you've set up some weird 'for sale' page on your blog. How can I trust that you won't run off screaming with my life fortune and leave me destitute without even a pouffe to console me?
A: What! Your life fortune is so small that you can spend it with me? (Please go see a financial planner. Or get a better job. Or something).

But Yes! I've sometimes been slow with swaps (sorry Neomig) but life is better now. If you need reassurance, check my eBay rating... If you're really concerned, I'll happily put the transaction through my (currently empty) eBay shop.

Perspex tables (All sizes available in black, smoke, ghost or clear)

Coffee tables
(6.5 cm tall, 13 cm across and 6.7 cm across) $10 each
Hall tables (also make great desks)
(6 cm tall, 12 cm across and 4.5 cm across) $15 each
Dining tables
(6.5 cm tall, 13 cm across and 6.7 cm across) $20 each

Wooden furniture

Side table: $7.50

Day bed: $20
(Other colour fabrics available) 

Hand knitted ‘flokati’ rugs

Small: $20 each
Large: $30 each

Hand knitted pouffes

(Handknitted from pure wool and stuffed with new cotton. Approximately 4 cm high and 4.5 cm across.) $10 each
(Top row: lemon, orange, red, pink)
(Bottom row: crimson, green, blue, purple)
(Ask about custom colours or colour samples)


(Rubber frames, available in black, red, pink or white)

$4 each
(Ask for pricing on custom notice boards or chalk boards.)
(*preferably about my range, not existential questions, questions about your love life or how to squeeze an extra 24 hours a day into your week to make minis. Although, since I am a trained Librarian, I may be able to assist with non-mini-related questions if I have time....)

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