Tuesday, May 14, 2024

What's cooking

Just before the Christmas break I was at the Reject Shop stocking up on something (laundry powder? dishwashing liquid? small bags of cashew nuts?) when I spotted the most adorable (and I don't often use that word) little fry pan with a Quant-inspired black and white daisy pattern printed on it.

I was desperate to bring it home but couldn't justify it as I have no need for a little fry pan, mainly because I already have a perfectly excellent Tefal one that I use regularly.

I'd occasionally pine after it (possibly a bit more than I thought, as a friend I was visiting in New Zealand ended up saying "Just buy it already: it's only $14!").

As I suspected would happen, I gradually forgot about it, especially as other exciting acquisitions entered my life.

Until this month's mini club meeting, that is, when the discussion turned to the theme for next year's club show and the idea of creating scenes in fry pans. And I remembered my love for that little black and white daisy fry pan.

A search on the Reject shop website didn't show it as in stock anymore and I resigned myself to it becoming the next swan lamp in my life: a missed opportunity that I'd regret until one day in the future one would pop up in an op shop: in this case probably well after I needed it.

But (and I'm sure by now you know where this is going!) since I took an early mark today to head down to the scooter shop to get my back rack installed (and there's a story for another day, involving a rack from Toto, the Vespa I bought in the late 80s, which followed me from one country to another, then onto Felix, my next Vespa, into the garage and then to a friend, only to return home almost a decade later to be mounted onto Mickey and make me very happy indeed) I took the time to pop into the Reject Shop on the off chance they still had them in stock.

They did.
Small non-stick frying pan with a graphic mod daisy print on the outside
So I bought one. Slightly terrified that this project will also go the way of several other projects that are downstairs in the workshop, abandoned and crying in the corner.

But I have thoughts: particularly as I'd been discussing with a colleague several weeks ago the idea of creating a miniature cafe called 'Whoopsie Daisy', kind of like Karen's diner, but with circus- and gymnastics-trained wait staff who are constantly seeming to almost drop things, fall over and break things (but recover just in time, of course!).

Perhaps I should scale back a bit and just do a black and white, daisy-themed cafe. Which would be an interesting challenge in such a constrained and oddly-shaped space.

And, if all else fails, I could just add it to my pot drawer on the off chance I need to cook something really really small 😉.

Friday, May 10, 2024

When Finish it off Friday turns into Frustration Friday

I was feeling all smug like before lunch, imagining how happy I'd feel after I completed the dark academia study, taken the necessary pictures and put the contents away, leaving a nice clean work table to start my next project.

Alas, by the time my lunch break ended, the scene looked like this:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature dark academia study scene with the window fallen off the wall and onto the lounge chair, a globe and pot plant scattered on the floor and an artwork hanging by one corner.
Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow, then.

Thursday, May 09, 2024

My poor tired brain is trying to be helpful

You'll recall I mentioned looking for my decanter on Tuesday.

Well, I've had no luck finding it so far (and, alas, the current weather isn't quite up to a scoot down to see James and buy a new one from him: it's times like this that I do miss having a car), and am starting to wonder if it is in fact imagined.

But my poor tired brain is trying ever so hard to be helpful.

First, and fairly easily, it found me this, which I'd made from a Trash to treasure kit given to me back in 2015:

(Which, granted, could work in a pinch if I dig out something suitable for a stopper).

Next try was this lamp shade, in my stash box of clear and white decor accessories:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature rounded 'cut glass' lampshade.
Which was much closer to what I remembered my decanter looking like, but not it (the fact it's in this box means I must have used it in a scene at some stage but trying to remember which one or when will, I fear, cause my brain to cease up and close down: so no link).

 Then this morning at stupid o'clock it poked me and whispered "I think I know where it is!" (damned brain still hasn't been trained to keep civilised hours).

And so, when I had the chance, I went to investigate. And found this where it told me it'd be, in the box full of the contents of my Triang 55 house:
One-twelfth miniature 'cut glass' lightshade in a container of vintage dolls' house miniature accessories
Which is excellent remembering, but still not what I'm looking for.

I hate it when I lose things. Especially when I'm not actually sure they existed in the first place. Perhaps I need to decide that my academic has been diagnosed with gout and therefore has had to give up drinking so has hidden the decanter away?

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

A framing frenzy

 My stash drawer reorganisation worked a treat and I was able to place my hands on both my stash of overhead-projector film and my container of small white card scraps within seconds of opening the drawer, which pleased me greatly.

And meant that I could spend my lunchtime framing rather than finding:

Selection of one-twelfth scale framed pictures propped up against furniture in a dark academia study scene.
I approached the framing a bit differently to how I usually doing it, using washi tape to hold things in place rather than my usual approach of gluing a sheet of thin brown paper bag over the back.

Back if a one-twelfth scale framed picture, showing washi tape used to hold the picture in place.
This means that the framing isn't permanent and I can easily swap in a different picture for a future scene that I need the frame for. Hopefully this approach will hold together once I attach them to the wall with Blu Tack...

The butterfly picture missed out on the framing for now, as I spray painted the metal frame black: and alas made a whoopsie which I'll need to correct before I can use it.
One-twelfth scale metal picture frame spray painted black, on the piece of baking paper used as a backdrop for the painting.
But it's too cold to spray paint now, so that'll have to be a job for tomorrow lunchtime.

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

A productive lunch break

During today's (half-hour) lunchbreak, I not only made and ate lunch (wholegrain noodles with Thai-green-curry tuna and stir fry veges, if you're interested) but also found an extra sheet of the scrapbooking paper I'm using on the walls of the dark academia study, which gives me the option to extend the build further along one wall or add a third wall if I feel the need (although if I add another wall I fear I will be setting myself up to have to create a wall of filled bookcases).

I also sorted through the images I chose yesterday, and through my drawer of empty frames to match up some likely candidates:
Selection of one-twelfth scale miniature frames with pictures placed inside them
Which means next on my list is testing if my stash drawer reorganisation worked well enough for me to quickly place my fingers on my stash of overhead projector sheets to use as glass, and venturing down to the garage to spray paint that silver frame for the butterflies.

Then deciding if my windows (yes, they're staying) need curtains (or if they need to be cut into the wall so I can use them to pull as much light into the scene as possible).

And who lives here? I'm thinking semi-retired academic with wide-ranging interests across the natural world, the arts and history. And a taste for whiskey, once I've found my decanter...

Monday, May 06, 2024

Questions, questions

I finally asked myself my standard 'Who lives here?' question for this scene at lunchtime today, which caused me to wonder and ponder as I sorted through my art stash to find items that that person might chose for their walls, then set them out for further scrutiny and decision making:

One-twelfth scale modern miniature study scene with a range of items of miniature art set out neatly in front of it.
A range ofone-twelfth-sized items of miniature art set out neatly on top of a wooden floor and a turkish rug..
I also pulled out some blue items to try, as I mentioned last week,
One-twelfth scale modern miniature study scene with a range of items of decor on a coffee table in front of it.
and found myself trying out some windows (which I last used back in December 2020, with a different background in them).
One-twelfth scale modern miniature study scene with long windows on each side of a writing desk.
Which lead me to wonder if it needed a fireplace as well:
One-twelfth scale fireplace surround displayed on a turkish rug
Oh dear: I seem to have asked myself more questions than I answered today!

Sunday, May 05, 2024

A knitting emergency, with cake

(Alas only miniature)

Recently-started knitting project on double-pointed needles with a stitch marker made of a miniature cake with a slice taken out of it.
At mini club a friend arrived with dark grey fingerless gloves on her hands: not knitted, but something that looked more like fabric gardening gloves with the fingers cut off.

"Oh" she said "I hurt my hands and I've been told to keep them warm. But I hate these".

It just so happened that I'd stopped off at Lincraft on the way to club to buy some nicely-discounted machine-washable wool to knit some lounge socks for Mum, so pulled out my purchases and asked if she liked any of the colours, as I'd decided she needed some nice hand-knitted wristwarmers instead.

She picked the variegated, so I cast on last night when I got home (choosing a suitable stitch marker, of course!), and finished them off just after lunch this afternoon.

She lives in the next suburb over but has headed up to Sydney today on a day trip to visit the Sydney miniatures and dolls house fair, so I dropped them into her mail box for her to find when she gets home.

And that, dear reader, is why there were no minis happening around here today.