Sunday, September 18, 2011

Repper what you sew!

Sometimes clearing out your inbox sets your day out in a whole new (and very exciting) direction.

This morning, for instance, I finally made time to have a look at a link sent to me by a work buddy late last month. And, in the space of five minutes my mind was well and truly blown.

Repper takes an image and lets you turn it into a pattern. I trialed the demo version and here are the results...

From this:I made this in my first 30 seconds using the program:
I turned this:Into this:
And this: became this:And, to give you an idea of the versatility of Repper, throwing this in:
gave me, with five simple clicks, the following options:
Are you as excited as I am by the possibilities of Repper for mini use? (Especially if paired with Spoonflower...)


Jodie said...

My brain just exploded

Sarah said...

It looks really good! Though I don't know what spoonflower is-will go to have a look!

Jesse said...

oh dear. There goes my Sunday.

studio:ludens said...

Thanks for your praise!
Great to hear you like patterning with Repper. Let us know when you get some patterns printed with Spoonflower or otherwise; we are curious and love to feature interesting results on our blog!

— the Repper crew

Ampersand Duck said...

The patterns made from the second two images make sense, but I don't understand how the first two produced such divergent colours! Please explain. That's what's making my head explode, even though I think it has excellent potential.

AMCSviatko said...

There are a number of preset buttons (including "vintage", "B&W" and, in these cases "funky") plus also a colour slider thingy: I used both for the first two patterns but left the second set alone apart from the various pattern options :-)