Monday, October 17, 2011

Winging it

Way back in March I picked up a scrap bag of fabric from the local quilting shop, which included some very fine black and white stripy fabric which you've seen before, and some fabulous fabric with mini writing on it. Which I decided on the spot had to become a wing chair for reading.

I even had a kit tucked away which would be close enough to experiment on.

And so, almost six months later, may I present:(Just don't look at the sides, OK?)It's been languishing for weeks and I finally gathered the brain space together over the weekend to start figuring out how to approach upholstering it in two different fabrics AND replace the skirt which came with the kit with legs.

(This is what the original Millie August kit looked like, if you're interested. Otterine putting together sister kits here and here and I've since bought a House of Miniatures version like this just in case I stuff this one up entirely...)


Modern MC said...

Awesome! I've been pining for a miniature wingback chair or sofa covered in old coffee bean burlap fabric. I'd save so much money if I actually knew how to craft...sigh

Unknown said...

There was a chair that looked very similar to this on Revenge tonight. Good idea to swap the fabrics!