Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad blogger

I had exciting mini related news last week. Shared it on Facebook but completely forgot to mention it here.

2013 is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Canberra, and there are many celebrations and events (and a cake!) being planned to mark the occasion.

One of these is a conference called Shaping Canberra: One hundred years of the lived experience of a home and a capital, which is being held at the Australian National University in September 2013, focusing on "the lived experience of Canberra and the way local and national events run through this experience." The conference aims to "highlight the wealth and interest of material about the experience of Canberra in national and local collections (with some emphasis on the local collections which are unknown, overlooked or underused)."

At the same time, the ANU School of Art Gallery is planning an exhibition "about Canberra's real local life (as opposed to the standard media-driven political points of view)" and are offering an introduction and free access to a range of historic collections within Canberra for inspiration gathering.

And I've been invited to participate.

How fabulously wonderful to get to make miniatures about a city I love so much AND get to rummage through old photos and (hopefully) ephemera in the process.

That's next year's major project sorted then...


m1k1 said...

Congratulations on being asked to contribute. How on earth will you decide what to do?

Mini Dork said...

Congrats! How exciting to be a part of such a momentous occasion. Can't wait to follow your project.

Snowfern said...

Congrats! will wait for updates ^ ^

Kerry said...

Kewl!! Sounds like a dream come true. My mum has come up with some real gems in her permission-to-rummage excursions into archives and museum storage.
Keen to hear more.