Sunday, March 18, 2012

I find miniatures everywhere

Last week I was invited to a special sale evening at local furniture store Domayne.

I'm sure you know the sort of thing: glasses of bubbles, trays of yummy canap├ęs, talks and presentations by "famous" people off the telly and special "on the night" discounts.

And freebies. In my goody bag was a mobile phone holder advertising
Classique outdoor furniture. But, alas, it's 1/6th scale.
Do any of you work in 1/6th? If so, would you like two (my friend donated hers to the cause) rather well made outdoor chairs for your Blythe or Barbie scene? (It looks like the name plate can be unscrewed and prised off) I'll post anywhere in the world.


ChocolateMintCrafts - BubbleBakes said...

My sister has a collection of Blythe dolls and this would make an awesome present for her!

studioseven said...

You are such a generous soul. I have a lot of Barbies that would love reclining in that pair of chairs.

Alisa (studioseven)
miniaesthetic (at) gmail (dot) com

Mini Dork said...

Darn it, Barbie gets all of the cool stuff! Cool giveaway though. :D

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

These look great! Domayne often have great stuff.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Vanisha: You don't mean minis. do you? (Trying not to get hopeful)

CBF said...

Wow Very Nice chairs.

Connor Lucas said...
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