Sunday, October 13, 2013

The story of a shed (Part two)

Today was an odd day, and I really didn't expect to get any work done on building the shed (I went to see an advanced screening of About Time. It was good. There was a dolls house. And lots of miniature-scene inspiration).
I moved a few things around. Decided that somewhere to read,  lounge (and possibly nap) was essential.
Then trial-fitted a couple more bits in the kitchen area.
And was about to head to bed with the book I'm reading when I decided to try the whole 'Go on, just spend 15 minutes measuring some things out before you head off' approach.
So 15 minutes turned into side walls... 
... a kitchen window...
... and a front wall. 
(Which, of course, will have the french doors mounted this way round so they open outwards.)

(We'll ignore the fact it's only taken three-and-a-bit years to use the screenboard and cloth tape I bought (and never used) for Call of the Small, shall we?)


Hannah said...

Very nice! I really like that it has two doors =) Hannah

Mad For Mod said...

Looking good! I love the two sets of French doors. That will let in a lot of light. The corrugated roof is great too!

Norma Bennett said...

This is a very flash shed!!