Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday: making a date*

It's been two years since I last made a calendar (which isn't so bad when you realise it was three years before that when I made my first). I've been tossing up if I should make one for 2017 and had almost decided that the answer was no...

Until a friend sent me a copy of hers. It was her birthday over the weekend just passed, and I decided that the least I could do is make one for her in return.

I was all set to use this year's Shutter Sisters template to create another one to fit in a CD case, when I spotted the matchboxes that I'd pulled out of a drawer to sort it out. And suddenly it made complete sense to make a miniature calendar of miniature scenes.
Matchbox, ruler and knife on a cutting board next to pages of a miniature 2017 calendar.
 (Much quicker, too!)
Pages of a miniature 2017 calendar on a cutting board with knife and fingers for size.
Of course it seemed silly to waste paper by only printing one set of pages on an A4 page, so there will be more than one calendar.

Now I just have to decide how many I can stand making before going completely bonkers. And who else I should give them to...

(*or two...)


Tina said...

Good idea using miniatures theme - they look good

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I still have your 2014 calendar. I couldn't bear to write on it or throw it away at the end of the year. I think you should make one every year as a look back at what you've made :0)