Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Away. Again.

Australia Day long weekend + super-cheap airfares to Wellington on Singapore Airlines = a last-minute decision to celebrate the event by leaving the country
Floor sIgn for international departures, with a passport and boarding pass next to it.
(while also unlocking a long wished-for achievement of travelling internationally with carry-on luggage only!).
A carry-on bag and a messenger bag sitting on a carpet printed with stones.
A trip to Wellington isn't complete without a visit to the Wellington Underground Markets, but this visit I bought nothing there
Signs spelling the word market strung across a walkway next to the sea.
(tempted as I was by the miniature cakes 'iced' with the flags of Australia and New Zealand...).
One-twelfth scale dolls house cakes decorated with flags of Australia, New Zealand, Britain or The United States.
I did manage to make it to Chow for a meal of my favourite blue cheese wontons:
Restaurant table with drinks and food on it.
and also discovered that Lloyd Cole was playing in town while I was there, so I had to buy tickets and attend.
Two glasses of wine on a cafe table with a ticket to a Lloyd Cole concert between them.
And here's my mini haul from the weekend: the wooden craft shapes were a gift from Sandra, the other pieces were picked up at Pete's Emporium and Uncle Bills [sic].
Selection of wooden crafting shapes, dimensional stickers, miniature teddy bears, marble-effect beads plus an owl-shaped bell and miniature Statue of Liberty set out on a desktop.
I was hoping to find some empty white matchboxes in my Wellington travels so I can send out the rest of my mini 2017 calendars (they're not to be found anywhere in Canberra or Queanbeyan).

I can now say that I've checked 16 shops in two countries and have come up empty-handed, and may have to order them in from the UK. So much for shopping local, huh?


Pepper Mitcheson said...

Empty white matchboxes? If you find them in the UK, tell me cos I have your stamp to send to you. May as well send them all together :0)

JC said...

You can get them in 30 box lots for 7.95 at craft supplies I assume plus postage
Love your work

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hey Pepper: Found them in the UK but have already ordered and paid (sorry :-})

JC: Thanks for the info: but it seems that bakerross are selling exactly the same thing as I ordered off eBay from the UK: but for a higher total price :-/

JC said...

Wow capitalism at its best