Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend woodworking

(and more: in black and white, of course...)

On Sunday afternoon, while dithering about stuffing and sewing closed the black and white cushions I started last weekend, I found myself distracted by that amazingly cheap (and also black and white) wooden bunting I bought in New Zealand.

Which soon lead to this: 
Flat lay on a cutting mat, with black and white striped wood pieces, glue, toothpicks, utility knife, pencil, and gluing jig laid out.
and then this: 
One-twelfth scale modern miniature sideboard with black and white striped front, next to an Eames chair with a black and white spotted cushion on it, on a cutting mat with various full-sized tools laid out on it.
in the 'not perfect but done' basket. 

Which is fine, because the whole point of potentially wasting one of the six bits of wood I bought for a total of 7 cents (which makes them, lets see... just over 1 cent a piece), was to see if my idea was feasible.

(Especially as I find I have rather a lot more printed wood pieces than I thought (thanks to the joys of the Typo scratch and dent table...))

Speaking of the Typo scratch and dent table, my stash from there came to the rescue with my next completed project from the weekend:
Underside of a one-twelfth scale industrial-style trolley, showing rusted wheels and undercarriage. In the background on the cutting mat are two more wheels and a pair of (full-sized) tweezers.
 (You first saw it back here, and it's been kitbashed significantly since (with a piece of wood originally seen here back in 2013, from a crate now used to store cleaning supplies in my laundry (minus, of course, the missing panel!), and a number plate courtesy of Kitty and Kat Miniatures).
One-twelfth scale industrial-style trolley with rusted wheels and undercarriage and distressed white top planks.
 Also wood-related this weekend was a talk at the National Gallery on assemblage artist Rosalie Gascoigne, given by her son Martin. You may recall how much I love Rosalie Gascoigne's work, and I was heartened by this image he shared of her in her studio, surrounded by bit of wood that might come in handy sometime soon...
Assemblage artist Rosalie Gascoigne pictured in her studio surrounded by old Schweppes crates and pieces of (often stored in the crates).
Finally, unrelated (except for colour, timing and the fact there's one in an earlier photo in this post), I stuffed and sewed some miniature cushions.
Selection of stuffed one-twelfth scale modern miniature black and white cushions, with a full-sized spool of black thread, a needle and a pair of embroidery scissors next to them.

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Elizabeth S said...

Your graphic black and white themes beginning with your cushions are lovely and really grab the eye. I found it inspirational to see how you utilized the striped wood bunting, by transforming it into a veneer. Brilliant work!
I also like the way you have aged the Iron components on your wooden trolly. I can actually "feel" the weight of it!