Thursday, November 12, 2009

A momentous occasion

I worked behind the bar tonight at the Craft ACT Christmas Smash.

I thought it was voluntary.

But I got paid! $50! My first paid work in the creative industries*!!

The $50 note dragged me straight into the Craft ACT shop. Where I was tempted to put it back into the till and take home one of the treasures I've been admiring over the past few weeks.

But I stopped. Tucked the note safely away and came home.

Now I need to make a decision. With my $50 note do I:

a) Frame it?
b) Buy something meaningful from the Craft ACT Shop to mark the occasion?
c) Retrospectively pay for my printmaking course at CMAG?
d) Other?

(* Actually, if you use the list of creative industries in Wikipedia my first paid work in the creative industried was cataloguing records for Radio Active in the mid 80s. But that doesn't really count in my mind)

1 comment :

m1k1 said...

onwards and upwards!

If it were me, I'd be spending the $50 more than once, and each time would be in celebration of The Gig, so you see I am no help at all.