Monday, November 23, 2009


I watched TV tonight. 'Twas most odd: I'd returned from the fish and chip shop, poured the apple cider vinegar and the wine, squirted out the tartare sauce and settled onto the sofa to eat dinner. When I had the sudden urge to turn on the TV.

So I did. And discovered an ABC was playing an interview with James Morrison. Who said many things I can relate to and definately need to hear on the eve of my final assessment. When I should probably have been hard at work not lounging on the sofa, stuffing my face with grease and watching TV.

Never fear, the TV is off, I'm back in my workroom, Lady Gaga is on the stereo (it's a tradition: my last minute creative frenzies always have her playing on repeat) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have success with my final freezer paper and fabric print job...

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Olivia said...

I hope you enjoyed your last minute creative frenzy and that it all goes well tomorrow.