Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quiet time

Barcamp on Saturday was fantastic.

I came home with an
unexpected house guest.

After somehow finding myself volunteering to be on the committee for 2011's
Canberra TEDx, which meant I spent Sunday afternoon at the first meeting.

Followed by a visit to friends, where I was honoured to be the first person to see their new digital animation for the upcoming
Craft ACT Embracing innovation exhibition.

After which the weekend ended with a five course dinner party for five of us, using lots of home grown goodies and leftovers.

Monday's dinner, after a long day at work, stretched to three courses. Tonight's (with a girlfriend who came to help deal with leftovers after my house guest left), only two.

I'm exhausted. My brain hurts. My kitchen is a disaster zone (even after plenty of house guest-initiated dish-washing). I may be missing from round here for the rest of the week as I assess all my stationary plates and decide which ones need to start spinning again...


Taphophile said...

Could the next thing you do be getting whoever to put what TED stands for on the website? If it's there it ain't obvious.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Click the link across the top bar that says "About TED and TEDx" ( http://tedxcanberra.org/about-ted-and-tedx/ )