Monday, April 25, 2011

My birthday book

Cycling S and I were talking at the beginning of the year and she decided I should write a book.

So I did (although there wasn't much actual writing involved...)


Make mine Mid-Century said...

That's brilliant.

Modern MC said...

I am constantly being pushed to do this and am on the verge of doing so. Was the process pain free? I might give it a go. Huge shrug. I'm also looking at the blog2print. Let me know your thoughts here or via email.

Marc said...

This little book was so fun to look at. Great job. I love your desk and the stuff you have chosen to include.
Your photos are excellent. Thanks for sharing this.
Pixie Packet Miniatures

The Shopping Sherpa said...

The process was suprisingly easy: I decided to give it a go when I got up this morning around five and had it done in a couple of hours: most of the time was spent moving the photos so they fitted together the best way.

I've ordered a trial book and plan to make them available for sale if I'm happy with the result :-)

Rosamargarita said...

Fantástico tu libro, que cosas tan hermosas!
Un abrazo