Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty. Early.

I woke up rather too early this morning, and know enough about how I work to know going back to sleep wasn't going to be an option. Since I'd already had 6 hours sleep, it wasn't too much of a problem.

So I made a cup of tea. And a scene.

I bought this hutch years ago, planning to paint it white for the shabby chic apartment in the apartment block I've been collecting furniture for (there's a project that's been banging round for almost 20 years...)Over the weekend I finally took it downstairs and gave it a first coat. Once I sanded it back, I started wondering if it needed a second coat:So at stupid o'clock this morning it was back upstairs being incorporated into a wee test scene.
(I'm still undecided about the paint situation...)


Neomig said...

looks great, did you use wax for the non painted areas?

Petra said...

I like it!