Sunday, April 01, 2012

The opening...

The inspiration:
New black painted floorboards
* A set of glam decorative accents sent to me back in February by
Mini Dork (like them? She's having a giveaway!)
* Attending three friend's openings yesterday

The goods:

* Aforementioned flooring
* My standard sheet of
Precision Products' plastic brick
* Mini plinths from Craft ACT's
Call of the Small exhibition
* Mini Dork's pieces and a couple more from my collection
* My P-touch labelling machine for the exhibition title

The time taken:

* About 20 minutes, including time taken to try and convince the piece at the back to balance on one point!


studioseven said...

I love this gallery. It's very modern. Glad you are slowly finding inspiration for miniatures. BTW, this picture might be a great entry into the Stitch Project Photography Contest.

AMCSviatko said...

Not sure how I could hang a environmental/ green message off it though... :-)

Mini Dork said...

Stunning! The contrast is incredible, I am LOVING the floors and brick. Those plinths still look incredible and totally make the room. So glad the glam collection inspired you, you made them rock!! ❤ ❤ ❤

My Realitty said...

More, more! Love the galleries you do. CM

Kathi said...

P-touch labeling machine! Gotta find one! Thanks for the link to the bricks too. :D
Great scene. Very chic!

Pepper said...

Lovin this gallery