Sunday, May 13, 2012

Div's latest creation

Was displayed for the first time at The Sydney Show:

Like the Rose Seidler House, it's in 3/4" scale.

Div has written a whole back story to the house, which wasn't on display when I took the photos and I forgot to go back and photograph it later in the weekend. Hopefully she'll send me a copy and I can add it in here...
(Look! Marimekko plates!)
(And a brick bookcase!)


callsmall said...

Awesome! This looks to be the same kit as my A-Frame house -- I believe Div sent me a copy of the plans some time ago. Wow! love what she has done with it!!!

Rebecca said...

I took photos of both stories, for this and the other house - and lots of other photos of them too. When I can get online, I'll post them!

Mini Dork said...

I LOVE Div's work. Her retro side is pretty amazing. Thanks for the great pics.