Sunday, May 13, 2012

Show stash

Reac ball chair in limited edition black: $30. Armchair in brocade:$10 (part of a lot I bought for a Lundby and a Lisa chest, but might scrub up with a change of fabric). Two side chairs: $14 the pair (I'm planning a makeover on these)
White plastic bed: $7.50. Another makeover in the offing...
Black wrought iron bed with bedding: $12
(I think I'll be using the base by itself as well...)
The vintage lot: Spice rack (I assume Bodo Hennig?): $2.50. Set of Caroline's Home perspex bowls: $3. Silver bottle: $10. Bodo Hennig trolley: $10 (I didn't find this until the second day, after I'd visited the stall at least three times. I was very happy). Picture: 50 cents (part of a lot with a mirror). Recovered Lundby stool: part of lot with the two chests and the armchair pictured previously. Scooter book ends: 50 cents (Part of a lot including the white plastic basket). Telephone: 50 cents.
(See why the trolley made me so happy?)
Collection of plants on crate: 50 cents.
Knitting set: $5.

I also came home with a pile of International Dolls House News magazines, some crafting and lighting supplies and a book box which probably won't be used for minis...


Kikka N said...

O`my...Love that ball chair absolutely !!!
And you have done very good shopping!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, you found some IDHN magazines?! What issues? Lovely to see all your finds - must take photos of mine, and post them when I can actually connect to the internet at home and stay on for longer than one minute! :-( (and yes, definitely Bodo Hennig shelf & canisters)

dollhouse dolls said...

It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you actually are seeing a miniature.

Mini Dork said...

Great finds, looking forward to how you use them.