Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

There's nothing quite as exciting as finding a package in the mailbox. Especially a package of things that you didn't buy yourself. Especially especially when the package is from Mitchymoo Miniatures!
(And, just in case you're thinking it's a very small package: no, it's a very large stamp...)
Ooh... What's inside?
A typewriter to add to the collection!
(It even has working bits!)
Perspex chairs. I guess I can now add 'Product tester' to my list of accomplishments...
Which brings us to product test number one: alas, the wooden version arrived broken, but it looks like nothing a date with the glue tube can't fix...
This version arrived in perfect condition: 
As did these pictures and the trike (which I'm sure won't last long around here before it meets a spray can )
Silly Pepper was lamenting that she 'just threw a few odds and ends into the parcel' and was trying to tell me my package to her was so much better. I disagree. 
I'm chuffed with the contents of my package and can't wait to have a play with them. Thanks Pepper!


Kikka N said...

Ooohhh, wow!
Congrats for this swap!

Mad For Mod said...

That typewriter is amazing...and the chairs of course. Everything she does is awesome!

Pepper said...

Will a parcel I send ever get to it's destination in one piece?? Dangnabbit. You know this is another black mark on the growing list of 'Why I hate the Royal Mail'

Hmm, product'll wish you hadn't said that =0)

Unknown said...

amazing swap as for the mail stuff I always hate that to!

Hannah said...

Such great things! I love the plastic chairs =) and the type writer is very cute!

AMCSviatko said...

Pepper: I was only quoting you :-P