Monday, August 26, 2013

Wooden't it be nice?

Another recent Typo scratch and dent find was this wooden box, which needed its lid re-glued: 
 The moment I spotted it I thought it would be a fabulous focal point for a cafe, perhaps on the back wall behind the counter with display shelves each side.

So yesterday afternoon I started working on a mock up, pulling the wood in with the tables and stools and mirroring the shape of the logo with the mesh beads. (I'm still undecided as to whether they're going to be ceiling fixtures or stay on the tables as candle holders...)
I was concerned that this set up would be too similar to my last cafe, but  once I added an old box underneath the cafe started to assert itself as a coffee shop that just happened to sell cups of coffee alongside the beans and machines it focused on.
Here are a few bits and pieces I've pulled out of stash that I think might work: a vintage German cupboard, some straws, cards and biscuit rubbers from Typo, and some anaglypta I forgot I had...
Of course the dawning realisation that a coffee shop would need to have many many (many!) bags of coffee made for its displays made me decide that I really needed to clean the (real-sized) bath and think about finishing the scene another day....

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