Saturday, March 29, 2014


There are two days of March left.

I knew it was going to be a crazy month but I didn't figure into the equation one sick car and one very sick cat (who may well be renamed 'Return flight to Europe' after what he cost me at the emergency vet's last weekend...)

Oh! Plus I had the completely insane idea to hold February's 'Fabric and Fashion' dinner part last week on top of everything else. The flat still hasn't recovered from that mad plan.

But the end  is in sight. I think my editor and I are on track to getting the next issue of The tiny Times sorted next month.The Canberra Show is done for another year.

I sold minis. I bought minis.

I made new friends. I caught up with old friends (and current friends/ workmates).

Did I mention I bought minis? Here's a sneak peek:
Miniature scene with grey velvet modern miniature chaise sofa, sleeping cat, champagne and miniature dolls house
(I discovered the advantages of chaise sofas while I was in the Blue Mountains earlier in the month and it seems to have influenced my mini-buying choices...)

Now excuse me: I need a drink. a pizza,  a sofa, and a mindless video.

All in full size.


Rebecca said...

Plus a happy, healthy cat, in full size! Look forward to seeing more when you've recovered :-)

Anonymous said...

Your minis are still fooling me. Saw the picture on Facebook and thought 'didn't Mr Nibbs have less white?'. Wasn't until I saw the version on the blog that I realised what I was missing. :D

Susan said...

I'm envious! On my bucket list - get to a miniatures show before I die!! Sneak peek of your purchases too tantalising, more please ma'am!

Hannah said...

Hope the cat is better now!
You earn some time in the sofa after all this =)

Architecture of Tiny Distinction said...

Oh I love the tiny champagne, sounds like you deserved it.