Monday, March 31, 2014

A fair-ly good haul

I did quite well at this weekend's mini show, both with selling, and with buying, and was surprised to come home with a good haul.

First up was a four-piece grey velvet sectional sofa with a chaise. I've set it up with only three of the pieces
Modern dolls house miniature three piece grey velvet sectional sofa with chaise
because adding the fourth makes it all a bit weird:
Modern dolls house miniature four piece grey velvet corner sectional sofa with chaise
But I got thinking that if I bought a second set, I could make a longer chaise sofa plus a Deco-style semi-circular sofa as well.
Modern dolls house miniature grey velvet sectional sofa corner piece
Luckily my information management skills came to the fore today and I discovered that the set is the Harrell Modular Sofa by Aztec/ Town Square (I'd suspected they were the manufacturer when I bought it), and that there are several versions available, including individual pieces. I plan to buy some more pieces to give my set flexibility depending on what sort of scene I use it in.

From the same seller I bought this book, which I wasn't sure I had, and for $10 was worth the risk:
'Making dolls' house interiors' book
(Alas I do have: let me know if you're interested in owning it and we'll talk swap or reimbursement...)

From the ACT Miniature Enthusiasts stall I bought a kitchen wall cupboard for $2,
White modern miniature kitchen wall cupboard with display shelf end
and for 50 cents each, a pink menu board and a pair of silver-coloured trays.
Pink plastic miniature menu board and bag containing two silver-coloured miniature trays. Bag is marked 'J 50c'
I was excited to discover that Wendy Benson was back for the first time in over ten years (really? Has it been that long?!) and was doing a clear out.

This dolls' house for a dolls' house was $2:
Plastic dolls' house for a dolls' house,
And a  total of $14.50 bought me six bags of vintage treasure:
Six bags of vintage dolls house miniatures and various bits that could be used in miniature
Three cushions for $6 (I was really only interested in the lace one),
Bag with three dolls' house miniature cushions, two cross stitched, one is lace. Bag is priced at $6.
a charm bracelet for $2 (the jug and wagon),
Vintage gold-coloured charm bracelet in a bag which is priced at $2.
a book of paper dolls and a box with a sketch of a Victorian doll on the front (for $4),
Miniature book of paper dolls and box with image of a Victorian doll on the front, in a bag priced at $4.
a bag of toys (racing car, hobby horse and first-aid bag) for $2,
Bag, priced at $2, with six vintage dolls' house toys inside including a hobby horse, a pair of binoculars, a toy car and a first aid bag.
twenty vintage tiles for 20 cents,
Bag, marked 'tiles 20c', containing 20 vintage dolls house miniature tiles in shades of cream, grey and yellow.
and, finally, a bag of vintage bits and bobs for 30 cents.
A5-sized bag of bits and bobs for miniature use. Bag is marked 'Bits 30c' and contains a variety of vintage earrings, containers and jewellery pieces.
I figured that the blue 'waste paper basket' and large straight silver 'vase' were worth the 30 cents alone, plus will enjoy exploring the other options contained within...
Back of A5-sized bag of bits and bobs for miniature use. Several vintage full-sized coasters are shown, including three octagonal cork coasters.
Dianne Cotterill had posies of flowers, which were supposed to be for bridal parties but suited me perfectly as it meant I can cut off the ribbons and place them in my own vases.
Two miniature posies of flowers: on the left is a bunch of daisies with a price sticker saying $29. On the right, a bunch of hydrangeas with a price sticker saying $20.
And since I was in the mood for daisies, and the club was offering tuition on making them at the 'make and take' table,  I paid one of the children to create 20 stems for me (I know: me being directly involved in child labour...)
Twenty scattered hand-made miniature daisy flowers stems.
I also bought a new Mr Nibbs, as the one I had was far too sprightly looking and I thought I might want to make a scene to mark the fact that he's cost me $2,600 this month in vet bills :-(
Dolls' house miniature black and white cat, lying down.
(I still have to finish colouring the model in to match the cat.)

And, saving the best for last...

Wendy Benson had a not-quite-mint in package Hanse dining room setting for sale, which I snapped up even before the show opened:
Hanse vintage dolls' house dining room in original packaging,
Interestingly,  it looks just like the Lisa version but is packaged as Hanse.
Side of Hanse package of vintage dolls' house dining room furniture, showing Hanse logo.
I feel I should know more about this but since it's been a few years since I was so deeply involved in the Lundby/ Lisa community the details have slipped my mind.
End of Hanse package of vintage dolls' house dining room furniture, showing Hanse logo and item number.
I shall make a point of going back and seeing what the link is. In April. When I'll have a lot more spare time.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! Wendy Benson had a stall - and wow, the Hanse! Are you a member of the Lundby Lovers group on facebook? I think not? They would LOVE to see this - and you would probably like to see the MIB Hanse that one member recently bought - old shop stock from Bahrain!
Will Wendy be there again next year, did she say? I must try to get to Canberra sometime when she is there, so I can visit and see her collection (she was in the UK last year when I was in Canberra) - and to a fair too, especially if she is going to have a stall :-D

(Lots of other good things here too - love the daisies!)

Hannah said...

Great purchases! I have a Hanse house, but have never seen any Hanse furniture for sale any were near.
I like the sofa, and I think it looked better with the 3 pieces than 4, but its very cool that you could change it how you like =)

Mad For Mod said...

Nice finds! I love the versatility of the grey sofa and score on the vintage Hanse! Poor little Mr. Nibbs and poor pocketbook...our pets can be expensive at times, but they're worth it!

Kikka N said... much and so interesting finds! The sofa is great! Have never seen anything like that.

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

So much treasure! I bet those mixed bags will be fun to sort through! I really like those vintage tiles, and the sofa seems like a great size. :)

AMCSviatko said...

Hi Rebecca

No, I'm not a member but feel free to link to this post in there if you like.

Wendy was muttering about continuing to declutter so there's a chance she might be there next year.I put my dibbs on her white Europa ant chair if she's getting rid of it :-)

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

What a lovely lot of loot! I love the sofa, very stylish and up to date which ever way you display it.

Ilona said...

Great purchases, enjoy it all! Lots of possibilities to create new miniatures!

Indy_Poppy said...

I should have stopped by and said Hi. I also got a beautiful fern from the same seller. Glad you did so well with your purchases. Lucky you.