Saturday, June 21, 2014

One times table

I've had a cold all week and wasn't sure I'd make it up to Margell this weekend, but told myself that once I'd unpacked I could go straight to bed if I wanted to. And at least I'd be ill in a whole new location (and in clean bed linen).

Besides, I had a few things to deliver.
A selection of modern miniature groceries arranged on shelves.
Grocery supplies (I shopped online with The Miniature Supermarket. Excellent service and fast delivery.)
Modern miniature metal kitchen bench unit displaying a selection of kitchenware underneath.
A new kitchen bench (An ex-commercial-kitchen bargain from ALLBIDS*. I still have no plumbing but at least I don't have to hunch to reach the school desks I was using. And this unit dismantled nicely to fit into the car.)
Interior of a modern miniature holiday house kitchen, with a round white table in the foreground.
 And a super-cheap IKEA DOCKSTA table I scored second hand off Gumtree*. Looking forward to using this.
Selection of modern miniature homeware items displayed on a tabletop, including a tea towel, set of mugs, old school case, bell, letter A and cat ornament.
I couldn't resist a quick stop at the op shops on the way though Margell, where I picked up a few necessities and a few fripperies.

And now I'm heading back to bed for an afternoon nap.

(*Not really but I can pretend, right?)

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Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Greenginger wine is prescribed for the cold, if it doesn't cure, you'll be so warm you won't feel it ;)