Sunday, June 22, 2014

Snot-free Sunday

After a nap which took pretty much all afternoon and an early night I woke up this morning feeling almost human.
Modern miniature round kitchen table with reading glasses and magazine plus tea, toast and jam.
 After a leisurely breakfast I decided a gentle walk in the sun was just what I needed (the fact that the monthly markets were on had nothing to do with it, honest!)

And I'm very pleased I ventured out. Because look what I found waiting for me on one of the trash and treasure stalls:
Vintage miniature quilt displayed over the front porch railing of a miniature school building.
 Can you believe they only wanted $5 for it? The old dear who was running the stall said 'Oh, it's a bit old and faded: I guess you're after it for your dog, now the weather's turning cold...'
Miniature shelving with a rolled up doona on the top shelf and a folded vintage quilt on the shelf below, On the bottom shelf is a pair of green socks and a pair of gumboots.
I didn't have the heart to tell her I wanted it for me, precisely because  it was old and faded. It'll be a perfect extra layer over winter.

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Susan@minicrochetmad said...

One mans trash is anothers treasure and you won the treasure hunt! Lovely quilt, perfect for snuggling. Loving this little tale!