Saturday, October 18, 2014


It's been quite a week. I'm still trying to learn All The Things in my now-six-week-old job, and  get used to a new commuting routine as I take to the buses to escape rising parking prices at work. Plus I've been spending most of my evenings working on the November issue of The tiny Times (except for the last couple, after my modem died.)

No time for minis. Or so I thought.

On the way from the bus stop on Wednesday morning I spotted this on the footpath:
Miniature pine cones on the footpath.
Which made me very happy as I'd been wondering what sort of tree they came from since August, when I discovered these under my bonnet when the NRMA visited Miss Daisy.
Tiny pine cones on a hand in front of a car being fixed by an NRMA man.
 And look! A whole tree of them, not two blocks from work!
Tiny one cones on a tree outside an office building.
I collected a handful, which I added to the pile of treasures heaped on my workbench waiting for me to make the time to sort it all out and return to some scene making.
Messy pile of modern dolls house miniatures on a desk.
Next weekend, maybe?

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Jodie said...

teeny pine cones !!! totally awesome.