Tuesday, January 05, 2016

All miniatures, all day...

This morning I had a meeting about an arts festival I'm hoping to be part of
Cafe table from above, with empty coffee cups, glasses and a Filofax planner on it.
 (and then, of course, had to go home and make a scene about it!)
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe table corner with cups of coffee, glasses, note books and pens.
This afternoon friends and I went on a road trip to Goulburn to pick my work up from Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.
Two girls and a woman with two miniature roombox scenes in the back room of a gallery, being wrapped in plastic.
 Followed by a spot of op shopping, during which I found this for $2.50:
Toy arcade game in its packaging, being held up in an op shop.
(Much cheaper that the $65 I'd been eyeing them up for at the May show.)
Modern dolls' house miniature arcade game, being played by a doll wearing jeans and a hoodie.
 It's a great size, apart from the joystick, which is way too big (but hopefully easily fixed).
Aerial view of a modern dolls' house miniature arcade game, showing a slot for a mobile phone to be inserted into it.
An added bonus when I got home was the discovery that you can slide a mobile phone into the rear and possibly even play it. Alas it only works with iphones.