Thursday, January 07, 2016

On the tiles

 While pottering with yesterday's kitchen updates, I started thinking about the idea of not using the plastic shelving units (I realised they were too big to fit under the saw, and I'm not interested in trying to cut them by hand). And instead creating some bench space on each side of the stove.

I pulled out my Miele kitchen appliances, swung the 'pressed steel' around so it ran along the wall above the benches rather than up the wall behind the stove, and started rummaging for something to use as a bench top to tie the under-bench bits together.

Thought of rustic wood, but that was heading too far away from the original idea. Then I decided on cardboard with some of the wallpaper samples I picked up last time I was at Masters on top.

While I was pulling them out, I noticed the vinyl samples I'd got at the same time . And had a eureka moment. 
Modern dolls' house miniature kitchen with grey laminate bench.
The tile scores and snaps easily and cleanly, is the perfect thickness, is self adhesive (if you're in the mood for some permanence in your miniature life), comes in a (limited) range of colours. And it's FREE!
Two grey self-adhesive vinyl tile samples.
I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself.
Modern dolls' house miniature kitchen with grey laminate bench and silver pressed-tin splash back.
(Miele dishwasher and fridge: Mini World. Steel stove: ELF. Herbs, olive oil bottle, salt and pepper grinders and pans: Lundby Småland kitchen accessories set (60.5089))

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Mad For Mod said...

Great idea! Free is even better!