Saturday, May 07, 2016

A mad month

When I said 'we're done' I didn't mean for a whole month. But then life tripped me up.

First there was the weekend I was an unorganiser at UnConference Canberra.
Woman at a conference looking at a BB-8 robot toy.
Then I started working on the May issue of The tiny Times which, as usual, sucked up my spare time.
Cover of the May 2016 issue of The tiny Times.
 Then, before I finished it,  life got completely crazy. I came home one night almost three weeks ago to discover that Mr Nibbs had died (not completely unexpectedly: he'd not been himself since Christmas).
Black and white cat on a colourful bed.
And when I rang to let Mum know, she told me that Dad was in hospital. So I made an unexpected trip to New Zealand to help them out.
Vintage handmade teddy bear sitting on a magazine next to a patient in pyjamas.
While I was there I did manage to do some mini-related things with a friend, including a trip to the Blue Star Kiwi stall at the Wellington Underground Markets, and a visit to The Weta Cave, where we did a behind-the-scenes tour of the sets for the new Thunderbirds TV show
Tickets to the Weta Cave Thunderbirds behind-the-scenes tour displayed on a  Weta Cave shopping bag.
(which was quite frustrating as absolutely no photos were allowed. And there was much in the way of miniatures to be drooled over: including the Tracy Island headquarters in 1/12 scale. For a wee look you can check out this sneak peek video).

We also made time to get up to some mischief of the street-art variety...
Dolls' house miniature wheely bin, welcome mat and letter box on a street in front of a fence with a door-shaped hole in the bottom of it.
Then, two days after I got back, I was off again: to The Sydney Miniature and Dollhouse Show.
Bed in a hotel room with an NZAME magazine, a finished piece of knitting, scissors and a needle case on it. On the bedside table is a glass of wine and an iPod.
I have lots of photos to share, but they'll have to wait for another post.

I'm pleased to say there were miniature acquisitions along the way. A friend went on holiday to Japan and returned with a range of miniatures for me:
Selection of Japanese dolls' house miniatures arranged on a tabletop
And I picked up a few things at the Blue Star Kiwi stall, including a Clarice-Cliff-like tea set 
Selection of dolls' house crockery and food arranged on a tabletop.
 and some tiny cupcakes iced like sheep: the perfect souvenir.
Tiny dolls' house cupcake iced like a sheep, held between a finger and thumb.
I'm just hoping life decides to settle down this month. I need time to catch my breath.


Hermannus Collenius said...

And I hope your father is better!


Elizabeth Yule said...

I am sorry to hear about Mr Nibbs, and I very much hope your Dad is on the mend.