Monday, February 13, 2017

Lori's Loft... light?

While looking for a fan to help me cope with the expected 40°C (104 °F) temperature predicted for the weekend, I was very excited to spot this display of Lori dolls and accessories at my local Kmart
Selection of Lori dolls, clothes, furniture. accessories trailers on display in a shop.
Alas, the two items that were top of my wish list were missing, and I contacted their customer service centre to see if they were planning to get the loft, and if they had stock of the dining set in their other stores, and were just out of stock in my local branch.

Alas, it seems they are not 'ranging' either item in Australia* (and, as an Instagram buddy reported, not 'ranging' any of the pieces in all stores...). Which leads me to wonder if we're not being used as a dumping ground for unsold stock from the US.

Either way, I'm very tempted by that $49 caravan. Except I already have a (much more expensive) caravan kit waiting to be built...

(* to their credit, when I mentioned that it was 'sad news for both me, and for a number of other modern miniaturists in Australia who are interested in the house', they did reply that they had 'forwarded my feedback onto their Buying Department for their attention...')

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Elizabeth S said...

I have seen the LOFTon other blogs but until now, I didn't realize that it was only One part of an entire line.
The travel trailers look lovely!