Monday, February 11, 2019

Learning the light

I spent the weekend mulling over how I was going to approach the tissue box challenge, while doing other things (including, you may be pleased to hear, finding my Filofax paper and passport).

Should I make it completely random: closing my eyes, grabbing a box, and making myself use it somehow in a scene?

Or should I be a bit kinder on myself, and preselect boxes that look like they might be a good jumping-off point?

I went with the latter option, and ended up a good handful of possibilities and initial thoughts to start with a box printed with small pictures of herb plants: easily framed (assuming, of course, I find my saw, mitre box, gluing jig and picture framing strips in time!) and I feel it could build into an interesting scene:
Selection of flattened tissue box covers fanned out with one with a patttern of herb plants in green at the bottom front.
(It was at this point that it dawned on me that, although the light in my new place is quite good, it's different to what I'm used to. In fact, both my studio and the room previously known at The Room of Shame (now retagged 'The Library') face in the opposite direction to my old versions. So in the interests of getting things done for now, I took photos on my bed.)

I was particularly heartened when I found this chair in one of the first boxes of miniatures I unpacked yesterday, as it seemed to fit nicely with the chosen box and suggest a rustic kitchen or dining room.
Green tissue box cover with a herb-plant print with a one-twelfth scale shabby green chair below it.
But then, as I was taking the top photo, these heart-themed designs caught my eye and seemed very fitting for this week.
Selection of four flattened tissue boxes with heart designs on them.
This one in particular...
Green tissue box cover with a blue and white heart print with a one-twelfth scale shabby white chair below it.

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