Monday, February 04, 2019

Blogiversary and boxes

*Blows into the mic*

Is this thing working?
Carton full of flattened tissue boxes sitting on a table in a garage. In the background is a stack of flattened packing boxes.
(And more importantly, can I remember how to use it?)

Today marks the 13th blogiversary of this blog, and I feared that if I didn't post now the whole thing might just fade away into the dusty corners of the internet. Which I thought would be a shame.

So a quick catch up: I finally moved at the beginning of December and have been unpacking boxes ever since. I have two desks set up in my studio, with one more to find room to erect (once I move the mountain of boxes that's in the way...).

Speaking of mountains of boxes, I had a mountain of boxes of dolls' houses in my bath until quite recently: I figured there would be a good spot to keep them safe from the shifters when they moved the rest of my belongings in.

I have no idea where my tools are (or my passport, or my spare Filofax paper, but that's a different subject...). These are the joys of shifting home: along with $300 grill elements (don't ask).

Back to miniatures: I toyed with the thought of trying to do Daily Dolls House December last year but realised that it was an insane idea on top of everything else that was happening. And since I've not made a scene for over a year, I figured I'd be very very rusty.

So when someone on my (newly) local Buy Nothing group offered a collection of tissue boxes for 'artistic types', I took it as a sign that perhaps a miniature challenge was in my near future: especially as the timing seemed quite serendipitous.
Screenshot from a Buy Nothing Facebook group offering a collection of tissue boxes for an artistic project
So now, to add to my collection of packing boxes both full and empty, I have a collection of tissue boxes (not, thankfully eaten by mice) to kickstart what will hopefully be a challenge to keep me going for the next year (once I find my tools, of course!).


Sheila said...

Good to hear from you! I know you'll get back into the swing of things once everything you need is located. Moving is such a pain.

Pepper said...

Nice to see you back and settled AMCS. I need to see your challenges to push me into getting off my own arse and doing something. So bring on the challenges!! :D

AMCSviatko said...

Watch out Pepper: if you say things like that you might just find 100 random tissue boxes in your letterbox... :-P

Penelope said...

I love that she liked your work enough to gift you her collection of tissue boxes! Moving is a pain. I still have no idea where much of my mini stuff is, even though I created an index of boxes etc. There is some joy, though, in opening boxes and finding miniatures I completely forgot that I had. Happy 13th Blog Anniversay!