Sunday, May 29, 2011

...and a relaxing Sunday morning

This scene started with the Rement beauty storage cabinet on the right, which I'd mentioned to Div last weekend when she said she planned to make a Componbili unit sometime soon. I had it sitting on the workbench, waiting for me to buy the white paint needed to cover the (green) top and (yellow and blue) handles. Which I did on the way home.

I decided on a bathroom scene since I haven't
done one for a while. The wall colour came from the original painting, which was part of an estate lot I bought off eBay a couple of months ago, and gave me my first feel for where the scene was heading. I wanted to play with using my window with a view, so that was the next design decision. The bath would be the biggest piece in the scene: clawfoot tub or modern DHE one? The modern tub won out. Flooring was from a bag of wood veneer I picked up from Lifeline last Monday for $1, a lovely light piece.

With the basics in place I got to play. I remembered
the bathroom pieces I received in my Advent Swap, and, as I suspected, they were the perfect colours.While hunting for some white fluffy towels I knew I had tucked away I came across the oar, various bottle shaped bits and the white mirror, which I added :
(Still not sure about it, though).

The pouffe is Lundby, the plant, Rement and the mat was woven for me years ago by someone I knew. The shells were collected off a beach on by me around the same time.
(If only my real bathroom was this serene...)


Pubdoll said...

Lovely, I like the little shell in a jar detail.
And now I'm very tempted to do a makeover on my round Rement cabinet as well, it looks great!

AMCSviatko said...

The shell in a jar came out of a friend's daughter's Christmas cracker. Said friend is now well enough trained to swipe it from daughter immediately and give it to me the next time he saw me.

I wonder how the rement cabinet would look in black.... ;-)

Vanessa said...

I think it's beautiful. I love that blue color and all the little details.

Modern MC said...

I, too, am a big fan of your Re-Ment cabinet makeover. It looks a billion times better!