Saturday, May 14, 2011

Small at the mall

So, finally and belatedly (thanks to Blogger's enforce blogging free zone the past 36 hours), here are photos of the real window display at Little Sprout's city store:

I arrived to help about an hour after the official window dresser started, just as she was struggling with the puzzle of what went where (I'd left large pictures and labeled boxes and all the accessories sorted in room order in egg cartons: which made sense to me but not to someone meeting my houses for the very first time, in a confined, very public, space and under time pressure)
Working on putting the 1957 Lundby house to rights:The window's almost done:How much is that dolly in the window?(Where I'm sitting should, by now, be taken up with the newest Smaland house, now stocked by Little Sprout and the reason for the whole display, which is up until the end of the month, if you happen to be in, or passing through, Canberra...)Have you seen the animation on the international Lundby homepage?

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