Friday, May 27, 2011

The postscipty bit

Sorry if my last couple of posts scared those of you with Brinca Dada Emerson dolls houses tucked away waiting to be built.While I admit there was some cursing and hair pullingand some major structural issues(fixed, I believe with the chocolate edition),scratched perspex (fixed, I believe with the chocolate edition)a weird hole left in the wall (not sure if this was fixed with the later edition), some general bad finishing (fixed, I believe with the chocolate edition), and a weirdly after-thoughtish-feeling staircase which takes up most of the great room, doesn't quite line up with the first floor and which you'd have to crawl through a three foot gap when you get to the top if it were real sized) I have to say, once we added furniture to the house it became strangely alluring.

Sexy almost.

After Jennifer Revell (sister of Julian, and a Textile Designer*) moved in I could almost overlook the fact that the first floor bits didn't line up neatly.And once the sun went down,the hard work and agony seemed to melt away and I became rather, well, enamoured. And overcome with that wanty feeling. (Even after I reminded myself about the weird ceiling heights. And lack of access between the two floors unless you positioned the staircase outside)
You do understand, don't you?
(*More on this later. We're concocting a whole family history...)


m1k1 said...

good work on the fitting out. i am glad jennifer revell is a spinner.

Taphophile said...

so the whole miniatures thing is a bit of a mystery to me - and then a I spotted the spinning wheel!

Altera said...

LOL. So, I'll admit, your previous posts did make me frightened a bit of the Emerson sitting in the garage. And I have no idea whether I have the updated chocolate version. But, you're right - one look at those nighttime shots and all thoughts of accidentally tool-inflicted casualties fades from my mind.

Lirael said...

Simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

no pain no gain!

Modern Mini Houses said...

WOW, yours looks incredible. I'm so glad your lights are working. My lights are shot. The new chocolate version has a lot of fixes but they did nix the electrical as that was another big issue for many. I have to say you are genius for taking photos at night. With all of the glass, my photos see right through to my room behind. GREAT WORK (as always!)