Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back to school

The starting point: Alphabet fabric from M1K1, schoolroom clock from Call of the Small and a simple, beautiful table and chair from Mitchymoo Miniatures. Plus a giant apple from a recent Re-ment set purchased on eBay.A schoolroom themed scene it was going to be!

I added another recent flokati rug knitting project, my blackboard and a large overstuffed chair I made years ago. Which, unfortunately, was quite the wrong shade of red.I really really really wanted to use the clock so added it to one side of the scene, balancing it out with a vintage block I picked up from an op shop in Wollongong.And added a red Mitchymoo stool underneath with the herb box from the same set as the apple.

Then all I needed to do was layer the details:
and I was done.

(What sort of natural herbs are they exactly? Hmmm....)

The final step was to take a couple of horizontal shots to use as desktop wallpaper:
Before putting everything away.


Lirael said...

Love love love! The fabric looks really good with red accessoiries. The herb plant reminded me of a tomatoe plant, which fits the red theme :)

Hunky Dory said...

You are just the champ. The fabric..what a find. Love the question mark.

Petronella said...

Fantastic... I love this! Can I blog about it and link back to you? All the best //Petronella

Pepper said...

I LOVE the alphabet fabric. Perfect scene

AMCSviatko said...

Hi Petronella: Of course! All my photos (and text, too, I suppose) is under a Creative Commons license. Which means you're able to use them as long as you attribute them (and don't change them or make money from them.)


Uniforms said...

The wall paper is nice. I like the ambiance its simple and pretty.