Monday, October 05, 2009

Goulburn goodies

From the op shops: one wooden reel of cotton (50 cents).

From Convention: one wooden blackboard ($10), one cafe chair ($19.50 including a second chair and a table) and one delicate hand knitted cashmere silk shawl (free after I complained that the original price was far too low and I might just have to buy it myself in order to own such a wonderful work of art before she realised the true value of it and put the price up)

From Photoshop when I returned home: one (modified) Now panic and freak out poster.


Rebecca said...

Just out of interest, where are you going to put the blackboard? I don't think you have a school (yet)? It's a great blackboard, I would have preferred wall-mounted blackboards for my school than the easels it came with.
Actually having the cotton reel in that lovely pink on the tiny chair reminds me a lot of The Tailor of Gloucester (though, of course, a rather different style chair).

Anonymous said...

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