Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big game hunter

A surprise delivery from Amazing Miniatures this week included a fabulous perspex chair and one of her new perspex rhino heads.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature office in shades of grey, white and hot pink. On the floor is a zebra-skin rug, and on the wall is a perspex rhino trophy head.Which inspired me to create my first scene in a while. I envisage it as the office of a successful 50-something single woman, who's still looking for Mr Right.

(Credits on FLICKR)


Ann said...

HOORRAY!! Got you making scenes again! <3

Also was a note included in the package? I think I forgot to put it in before wrapping it up. Ugh. I'm so absent minded.

Ampersand Duck said...

Sorry, had to break this down:

A 50-yo woman who is either feeling horny or is immeasurably scary to men? Imagine a man walking into that office with a woman behind the desk!

You are genius.

dollworld said...

Strong and femminine with a few pieces, great!