Saturday, August 06, 2011

We three kings

Inspiration can strike in the strangest places.A friend and I wandering round the CMAG Imitation of Life exhibition this afternoon when I spotted these three crown-wearing budgies as part of a work by Danie Mellor. And, suddenly, I had to take close up photos photos to frame and use as the basis for a scene*.

The only problem is that once I returned home in the cold and rain I lost my miniature mojo. So did nothing more than resize and print out the photos and check how they'd look framed.

Dammit! I need my miniature mojo back! I have embarrassingly overdue swaps to finish and get in the post this weekend.

(*I said to my friend that I could imagine them with a wing chair under them. She waited two counts and then cracked up. Having realised what I said I then declared that the scene should also feature beakers.)


Fran Casselman said...

Hmmm. Perhaps a couple of volumes of Keats? Or is that going a bit too far? (I'm in the U.S., where budgies are called parakeets.)

Thanks for the smile!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'd better add a pair of Speedos to the scene as well then: