Monday, August 22, 2011

It's all there in black and white

This black and white homewares shop scene started with the miniature Luuk tea towel cushion I finally got around to stuffing this afternoon.

I wanted to photograph it and was brainstorming ideas when I remembered the shelving unit that I received as part of a swap from Mitchymoo miniatures. Soon I had this:
Wanting to pick up the black and white stripes in the vase, I dug out the black and white seating unit from here, and, as I wandered past, picked up the lid of one of my black and white striped storage boxes to use as a feature wall (probably influenced by the fact I was printing off mini copies of this book earlier today...) And the giant peg? It just seemed to fit, especially after my recent forays into incorporating oversized items into my scenes.

(Time taken: twenty minutes.)


Kikka N said...


Vanessa said...

Love this! I feel inspired now.

Neomig said...

You once explained how you printed through your printer on fabric. I try to locate this post but I don't seem to find it. could you direct me?
ps your email address changed?

AMCSviatko said...

Fabric printing tutorial can be found here:

And my email addresses are all still the same...

minima said...

This black and white scene is really really cool.
I loved the way you managed to incorporate non-miniature items and still make it believable.

Mini Dork said...

LOVE IT! The contrast makes everything pop. The shelving unit looking fabulous with all of your fantastic minis. I love the balance and the oversized pieces you are incorporating. Very cool. Thanks for the inspiration!