Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Did I forget to mention?

This wee beauty followed me home from the show:
 Not within my collection development policy at all, but as it sat on the stall behind me waving and whimpering (OK, maybe I was just imagining that bit) I felt I had to give it a good home.
 Besides, it was only $20.

And Rebecca, when she visited, identified it immediately as a 1969 Chad Valley and mentioned she'd just photographed an ad for it in a toy trade magazine at the National Library:
I offered it to her but she already has one, so it came home to become the first tin house in my collection.


Ysé said...

I have only one dollhouse (it's a big Triang nº91) and only the space for one but the only exception I would make is for a small tin house to show some of my 1/24th pieces... I have admired the Marx one (but I think they are quite big), above all the one with the red uniformed soldiers in the nursery... So I am very interested to discover the existence of a small model by Chad Valley (is this beauty for 1/16th or 1/24th scale ?)

AMCSviatko said...

The downstairs ceiling in 4 1/2 inches high: I'd have said 1/16 except that I just tested a bath in it and it seems quite large... :-S

Frank Sviatko said...

Is it a tiny Triang tinny house?