Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kupjack on Kickstarter

Did you know that Henry Kupjack is currently fundraising for a project on Kickstarter?
Henry aims to publish a high-quality coffee table art book depicting 72 of his favourite miniature rooms created by himself and his father, Eugene.
He says:
Over the last 30 years we have received many inquiries as to when we would create a book of our miniature room artworks. There have been photographs in publications and exhibition catalogues over the years but not a comprehensive volume showing the range of the production at the studio by Eugene and Henry Kupjack over the last 60 years. 
As a consequence, we have decided to create a book of 72 miniature rooms out of the approximately 600 that exist, many from our collection, some from museums and a few from private collections. This book is a major undertaking which will include new large format photography and extensive historical and archival research. This first volume will include several color photographs of each room, historically appropriate explanatory text and biographical information on us and the studio presented in chronological order from ancient Greece and Rome up to the present. This book will be over 200 pages with several hundred photographs in a large, 9 by 12 inch, horizontal format coffee table book in hard and soft cover. 
Due to the tremendous costs of such a project, we have decided to enlist our many fans to assist in this endeavor on Kickstarter which has shown to be so successful in funding all types of artistic projects. 
We will be offering several levels of premiums, including copies of the book, to our Kickstarter funders, all the details of which will be listed on Kickstarter and Our web site will update our fans and funders as to the progress of this book as well as our planned upcoming exhibitions and links to the various museum collections of our work.
If successful, the book will be available later for sale at our exhibitions, museums and on the internet. Then we all will be able to show the art world publishers how popular, viable and mature this art form has become. So please visit Kickstarter soon for complete information and how you can participate in the next 30 days. I thank you in advance for your interest in our work and consideration of this project. 


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