Sunday, May 19, 2013

Industrial disease*

Remember that under-coated sleigh bed?

Remember my remark about 'simple Scandinavian style'?

Ha! I must have still been overcome with IKEA fumes or something when I wrote that post, because this is the scene that ended up coming together around the bed:
(OK, maybe there's a bit of Scandinavian influence in there but I'm mainly feeling New York loft.)
The industrial shelves, long on my eBay watch list and now added to my collection were a major influence in the direction the room ended up heading (I'm still looking for the Toy Island version, as seen in Mini Modern's blog,  if anyone sees any spare...)

The cinching factor was an experiment I did with my last piece of bamboo runner, a coat of undercoat, followed by a coat of chalkboard paint and a play with my mouse sander:
(I'm ever so pleased with the effect!)
Don't Mini Dork's cushions work perfectly with the colour palette?

And look what's tucked away on the shelving unit...
(*In case you need a soundtrack to this post)


Modern MC said...

This room is crazy good. I'm loving the eclectic vibe. And the lighting in this room is priceless. You have such a great collection of accessories that bring the room to life. I always say I want to try your bamboo runner idea, but you and I both know that I do not craft well. ha! Oh--and, yes, Mini Dork's pillow cushions are spot on.


Please credits for the pillows to me, not to Mini Dork!!

AMCSviatko said...

Are you saying you made the cushions? If so, I apologise as I wasn't aware of that and thought Mini Dork had made them.

If Mini Dork used your fabric to make the cushions then credit goes to Mini Dork as the cushions were created by her.

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Fantastic room! Old, new, rustic, industrial, that's my kind of room! I also like the way the shadows on the floor create another set of lines. Very cool!

Mad For Mod said...

Love it! The floor turned out awesome!

studioseven said...

Really loving how this room came together. You always get eclectic just right. As a result, each of your rooms is so unique. I do feel that New York vibe.