Tuesday, April 01, 2014

It's in the bag

I know you're itching to see what was in the 30 cent bag of treasure I bought at the show.
A5-sized bag of bits and bobs for miniature use. Bag is marked 'Bits 30c' and contains a variety of vintage earrings, containers and jewellery pieces.
So, not being one to disappoint my readers if I can help it, here's The Haul:
Contents of the bag of miniature bits, laid out in an orderly way.
Once I'd laid everything out I got a clearer idea of what was there and what it could become. The metal vases I already knew about, along with the blue waste paper bin and the cork coasters.

But I was excited to notice these, which I think would make fabulous modern light shades,
Collection of vintage plastic bits that could make modern miniature light fittings, plus a tiny embroidered box and a little round metal platter.
and this selection of metal charms. This sort of thing always comes in handy as wall decoration or popped into a group of collectables on a shelf.
Three metal tubes, a selection of metal charms and two vintage brooches.
I think I got my 30 cents worth, don't you?

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Rebecca said...

More daisies! and that bobbledy white thing (a brooch?) could make a very groovy ceiling or table light, too.