Saturday, May 10, 2014

A gifted miniaturist

A selection of miniature items and bags of chocolate arranged neatly on a surface
I was very fortunate at last weekend's miniature show to be given rather a lot of gifts by rather a lot of lovely people.
Two bags of Whittaker's L&P mini bars, two black and white cat coasters, a miniature director's chair and a miniature 'Be a healthy kiwi' poster.
New Zealand miniaturist Judy Foster heard my Facebook call for Whittaker's L&P mini bars and bought me a couple of bags. Plus two black and white cat coasters she's had for ever and no longer needs, one of which she thought looked a lot like Nibbs (and she was right), a 'Be a healthy Kiwi' poster, which matches the full-sized one I have in my top cupboard, and a director's chair.
A bag containing a set of miniature ring binder covers and two miniature coffee pots.
Adelaide Cann dropped off this package of coffee and ring binders as I was setting up on Friday night.
Two large miniature rugs, printed on canvas paper.
 Blog reader Catherine visited with these large printed rugs which she'd made and didn't have a use for and thought I might like. She says she got the canvas from ALDI a couple of years ago: I'll be watching for it to turn up again so I can buy some.
Three miniature IKEA-style wooden slot-together bed trays.
 Adelaide returned on Saturday with these IKEA-inspired bed trays, plus another set of her cars and planes so I had a spare wheel after last year's whoopsie when putting them together.
A stack of printer's pad end pieces.
 And, soon after, local friend Rosemary arrived with a bag of printer's offcuts that she thought I could use for making miniature books.
A tiny laser-cut wooden koala, holding a tray with a miniature macaron on it.
A group of stall-holders had dinner together on Saturday night and Adelaide gave each of us a tiny koala holding a macaron.
The fronts of two bagged miniature cuddly toy kits: Kevin Kiwi and Shirley Sheep.
On Sunday the fabulous Jewel Lewis gave me two of her New Zealand cuddly toy kits,
The back of two bagged miniature cuddly toy kits, showing the pieces wrapped in New Zealand themed tissues.
 complete with New Zealand-themed black and white tissue wrapping.
A slab of paper clay and the tools needed to work it.
Then my table mate Jennifer gave me the left over clay and tools from the recent Lidi Stroud Italian Courtyard workshop she attended, plus a piece of lovely 50s-style black and white fabric.

And that's not all: I had another very generous offer which I shall keep under wraps until that parcel arrives. I'm feeling very spoilt.


Rebecca said...

That is the sweetest little koala! And the cat coasters are terrific, especially the one like Nibbs. What a lovely lot of gifts!

That reminds me, did you ever hear from Joanne who was selling her mother's collection, with lots of vintage pieces, at last year's fair?

Anonymous said...

The show was great. With the usual dose of inspiration. I have posted a few photos from the exhibits. Itching to get going on my little project with my show purchase. Oh LOVE the director's chair. Best wishes, Carina