Monday, May 26, 2014

Houses in the Highlands

On Sunday my friend and I popped into Bowral for a poke around the shops on the way home from Div's.

Here's a round up of dolls houses and related items that we spotted while browsing Dirty Janes* and the attached antiques centre. (This sort of post seems to be becoming a regular feature around here...)

The first dolls house we stumbled across was in the emporium itself:
Vintage wooden dolls house.
 Homemade with love, we were particularly taken with its pokerwork detailing which included a water barrel and pipe, quoins
Side of a wooden dolls house, showing pokerwork water barrel and pipe, quoins and iron lace.
 and iron lace.
Close up of the side of a wooden dolls house, highlighting the pokerwork iron lace.
 In the antiques centre, we were captivated by this vintage wire house which was being used as a lamp at the Suzie Anderson Home stall. Alas, it was out of my price range,
Vintage wire house, used as the basis for a lamp.
as were the other similar pieces she had on display...
Price tag which reads 'Vox Populi handmade French lamp made using vintage wire, tin, paper and fabric. Sourced in South of France $1750 sample price.'
Vintage wire birdcage-shaped sculpture with wire spiral staircase and fabric doll, used as the basis for a lamp.
Vintage wire birdcage-shaped sculpture with wire swing and fabric dolls, used as the basis for a lamp.
The next stall had a sweet house made of felt, displayed on a vintage dresser with very clever trompe l'oeil, which I'd like to try on a miniature cupboard some time.
Vintage 1950s dresser, painted with trompe l'oeil of the contents of the cupboards and drawers. On it is displayed a number of items including a round house made of felt.
 Around the corner and almost at the end I spotted this house, made from packing crates:
Vintage dolls house made of two packing crates on their sides, painted white on the outside and bright blue and yellow inside, displayed on the top of a tall display cabinet.
Close up of a sign on the side of a vintage packing case dolls house. It reads 'Dolls House c1930s (Hand made from packing cases) $145.00 Rosies Old Wares Shop 69'
I was tempted to send a picture to Rebecca to see if she was interested, but my phone was playing dead.
Back and side view of a vintage dolls house made from packing cases.
 The final house we spotted was less interesting:
 and faced a 1/6 scale ghost chair being used to display vintage jewellery.
(*I consoled myself by deciding there must be several people called Jane who were dirty...)


Mad For Mod said...

I think I like the one made of old crates!

m1k1 said...

For me, it would be the French wire ones. But I am intrigued by what was sold from the crates that required a 5 shilling deposit. A good few dollars today, I would think.

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I really like the packing crate house too. =0)