Saturday, May 03, 2014

Greetings from Olympic Park

Blimey! How did it get to be May already?

And May in this part of the world means three things: Eurovision! Birthday season! And the Sydney Miniatures Show.

I managed to buy a library while setting up my stall on Friday. And managed to sell it again before the evening was out (or, to be more precise, allow someone more worthy to buy it, as I hadn't actually paid anything for it at that stage...)

The Karma Fairy obviously took note because since then I've been showered with gifts.

And, just before I left this evening, I took a stroll around the displays and admired a small one-teacher school.
 Then noticed a 'for sale' sign next to it.
So this weekend I've bought a library, sold a library and bought a school.
 There's a lovely back story to this building. The owner was a teacher who had always wanted to work in a one-teacher school but had never had the chance.
So when she discovered miniatures many years ago the first thing she built herself was this one-teacher school.

 I, on the other hand, have always had the hankering to have an old one-room schoolhouse as a holiday house (and even, back in New Zealand almost rented one with a group of friends until we realised it was too far down a dirt road for any of us to seriously consider visiting regularly, espcially as most of us were on two wheels.)
 So I plan to sympathetically strip it of many of it's educational items then renovate it to include sleeping, cooking and bathroom facilities (although I may decide the bathroom remains in the adjoining toilet block, which I know is rather a cop-out), incorporating many existing fixtures.

I'm rather excited as this is the first 'play' building I've had since I left New Zealand, almost 20 years ago. I just have to find room for it in the car before I can start playing...

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