Saturday, August 09, 2014

Minis in Melbourne Part 2 (The shopping)

Melbourne is known as Australia's shopping destination. And I certainly did some shopping, just not the sort that most visitors do.

On my first day I went to visit The Doll House in its new location in Mont Albert.
Shopping streetscape in Mont Albert, Melbourne.
It's a short stroll from the station and a just down the road from two op shops: the perfect location, in my book!
Building containing The Doll House shop.
Kerrie, the owner, tells me that she's only been in the new location for a month
Shop front of The Doll House in Mont Albert.
but it looks pretty settled.
Interior view of The Doll House in Mont Albert.
I spent an enjoyable hour or so perusing the shelves of stock
View of The Doll House in Mont Albert from the rear of the shop.
Display of dolls' house building components at The Doll House in Mont Albert.
Display of dolls' houses for sale at The Doll House in Mont Albert.
before making my choices:
A selection of dolls' house miniatures purchased from The Doll House in Mont Albert.
You can see that Switchboard Cafe had already inspired me to buy a shopfront
Dolls' house wooden shopfront component.
plus some glasses.
Twelve miniature drinking glasses stacked on the window ledge of a wooden dolls' house shopfront component.
And I picked up a few things for Margell Public School as well.
Selection of dolls' house miniatures purchased from The Dolls' House in Mont Albert.
During my trip I made a few more mini purchases, from non-traditional sources.

I picked up this silicon clockfor $7.50 from the half-price bin at the Canberra airport newsagents:
Small black silicon clock.
and a couple of storage units and a neck towel to make towels for Margell from Daiso ($2.80 each).
Two opaque plastic storage containers and a blue neck scarf from Daiso.

Keeping to the Japanese theme, I found this perspex display case at Muji ($39.95), which will be great for shows.
Muji display box with ruler next to it.
While visiting Melbourne Style on the hunt for a tea towel to add to my collection, I picked up some alphabet magnets ($10), gift cards ($7.50 a pack) and a greeting card ($6) to decorate future scenes.
Cards and magnets from Melbourne Style.
And, finally, at Melbourne airport bought a cheap bracelet with penguin charms on it ($19.95) to mark my visit to the penguins at St Kilda: two charms will be used for stitch markers and the other is to go in a scene.
Small jewelled penguin charm, balanced on the end of a finger.


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Was wondering how you are.... Now I know ;) no time for boredom eh? Wonderful stash you've picked up. Darling wee penguin!

m1k1 said...

I am so glad you found your granny square afghan.

AMCSviatko said...

Granny square afghan is out of scale but will do until I hunt down a better option... :-)