Sunday, August 24, 2014

Second-hand success

Celia and I have had a great weekend at Margell School, and very good luck finding bargains to add to the decor. So we're celebrating our success with a dinner of wine and Celia-made pizza, with herbs from my newly-bought window herb box.
Dolls house miniature kitchen benchtop with a glass of wine and ingredients for pizza set out.
Celia's been working on some editing this afternoon, while I finished rearranging the place to fit my new furniture. I now have a bed!
Dolls house miniature study area with a laptop on the desk. In the background is a bed and a sitting area.
 And a day bed/ sofa with drawers underneath to store bedding!
Dolls house miniature holiday cottage view from a sitting area, past a day bed and through to a kitchen area.
While I was on a roll, I picked up this table for the lounge area
Dolls house miniature sitting area with a 1950s-style reading chair and a small shabby coffee table with a vase of daisies on it.
and a few more games to add to the pile for rainy days.
Dolls house miniatrie bookcase with a stack of game boxes on the bottom shelf.
Finally, and rather unexpectedly, I found the perfect cupboard to go next to the entrance for storing clothes,  linen and towels, and cleaning supplies.
Dolls house miniature holiday cottage, view of study area and kitchen. On the back wall are two bookcases and a cupboard.
The whole lot came to $500 including delivery. A good use of my tax return, I thought...

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*annina* said...

I love these shots - especially the corner in the kitchen!